Caribbean Health Foods Ltd. formerly known as College Health Foods was established on the campus of the University of the Southern Caribbean (formerly CUC) in 1987. Lodged in the scenic Maracas valley, with stunning natural beauty in the mountainous surroundings, this company was founded on one mission- to manufacture healthy alternatives during a time when healthy lifestyles was emerging in the Caribbean region. Our mission statement is to conduct business ethically and in compliance with all health, safety, environmental regulations and best industry practices worldwide. We are part of a network of more than thirteen (13) branches with the Inter-American Health Food Company, with headquarters in Miami, Florida. With a workforce close to one hundred and fifty workers which include student labour, our products range from frozen soya patties, whole grain cereals and cookies, dehydrated soya, soya milk and a wide range of wholesome bread. Our products are healthy and nutritious and our quality has placed us at the leaders in Health foods within the Caribbean. Our Branches:
Caribbean Health Foods
Arima (667-6403)
#22 Green Street

Chaguanas (672-0353)
#44 Main Road

Factory (Head Office) (645-6260/6231)
Maracas Royal Road, St. Joseph

St. Augustine (662-6059)
#1 Circular Road

Sangre Grande (691-0107)
Cor. Ojoe & Brierly Streets